2019 Tour of Britain

Less than two weeks before we welcome the UK’s leading cycle race comes through Saltney and Bretton and we are starting to gear up for the big day. We now have timings for the day and you can see the full schedule by clicking on the link below that takes you to the Tour of Britian website ,but in essence we expect the riders to be passing through Saltney and turning into Bretton Lane at what will be called ‘Airbus Corner’ between 12:03 and 12:19. Estimated arrival times

Road closures will be in place immediately before the race comes through, but then will open again as the back support vehicles pass through.

I will be contacting the local schools next week when they return to see if they will be lining the road to welcome the riders and cheer them on, and would encourage anyone who can to join us and make this small section of the race a memorable experience and show the great community spirit in our area. The race will be broadcast live on ITV4.

I have lots of small flags I will be offering to the schools for children to wave and if you would like any for any community groups then please let me know and we can get them dropped off next week.

Whilst Airbus are sponsoring the stage and will have a presence at the Start/Finish village on the Wirral, it is here in Saltney and Bretton where the race will pass we want to generate a great atmosphere and hope you can join us cheering on the riders.

Kind Regards, Phil

Phil McGraa (MCIPR)
Community Relations Manager
Communications Dept - RAU
Email: phil.mcgraa@airbus.com

2019 Tour of Britain Poster
Click on the poster to view a larger version or to download a copy.